Become a Cartel Brand Advocate

Become a Cartel Brand Advocate

July 31, 2019
Ty Dahlstrom

What is an advocate?

A Cartel Brand Advocate is someone who knows us, our product, and our story, and is already advocating for us out in the wild. We just wanted to stick an official title and reward you for it. You’re one of those people who really gets us, and we consider you part of our family of awesome people. 


Okay, but what does this entail?

Alright, we’re not asking for die-hard devotion, but you’re probably here because you get who we are, what makes us unique, and have been with us for a good while. Here’s what we generally look for in a Cartel Brand Advocate:

  • Someone who’s humble and creative.
  • Someone who likes to share products + brands they believe in with their friends and family on social media.  
  • Someone who likes coffee and is open to home brewing.
  • Someone who loves Cartel. (This would be an awkward relationship otherwise, don’t ya think?)


This is what we’d like to give you:

  • A discount code for you to use and share (coming soon).
  • A first look at top-secret new information and products.
  • Beta testing opportunities before anyone else.
  • Merch, free beverages, and free whole bean coffee.


This is what we’d like you to do:

  • Share the Cartel goods you’ve gotten on your social accounts.
  • Share your discount code* with people who show interest. 
  • Tell us what you think about new products.


If this all sounds like your cup of coffee, apply here and we’ll get in touch with you soon.


* Coupon code should NEVER be spammed on forums. For instance, do not create posts on forums or groups urging potential customers to use the code.
Cartel Brand Advocates are not employees of Cartel Coffee Lab nor are they provided monetary compensation. The Cartel Brand Advocate relationship can be terminated at any time for any reason by either party.
Reason for termination include but not limited to the following:
Unlawful, unfavorable, and unprofessional that is harmful to the company or reflects on the company. Selling donated and/or test products without the permission of Cartel Coffee Lab. In the event the Brand Advocate no longer needs items donated, they must be returned.
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