Behind the Scenes: Mi Salsa Partnership

Behind the Scenes: Mi Salsa Partnership

August 05, 2021
Brittany Viar

Do you like delicious food? Of course you do. If you haven't yet tried the tasty Mi Salsa burritos we're now serving at all our Arizona locations, we strongly encourage you to reconsider. You'll thank yourself for it.

As of now, we offer a vegan burrito, filled to the brim with poblano pepper, corn, rice, beans, and onion, as well as an egg, potato, jack cheese, and beans burrito – both fantastic. Aside from their incredible food, Mi Salsa is a great company, and we're stoked to be partnered with them.

"Mi Salsa began in 2007," said Co-Owner Manuel Osete. "Our recipes for both the salsa and the burritos were something we grew up with eating at home. We served them to guests at catering events and at family gatherings. Slowly, people starting suggesting that we jar and sell our salsas, asking where they could buy our food and salsas, so around 13 years ago we began setting up at the Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market and the rest was history."

Mi Salsa product availability at the Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market has heavily contributed to the Company's success, right alongside word of mouth, food quality, and consistency. 

From preparing food for the Market, to catering events like weddings, corporate luncheons, and parties, Manuel, his brother Pablo, and their mother are always hard at work.

"We grew up in the kitchen cooking with our parents and helping them with catering events since we were kids. All our recipes are and have been made by our family the same way as my grandmother made them. We focus on following the flavors we love and grew up with, cooking from the heart and perfecting our recipes along the way; sharing our love and passion for cooking with the world."  

The Company has a unique story, and interestingly enough, so does its logo, which appears on the sticker of each burrito wrapper when served at Cartel.

"Our logo has been used my mothers family for three generations. It was originally used by my great grandfather as a cattle brand, then passed down to my grandfather, which is still in use today on our family’s working cattle ranch in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. We always wanted to incorporate our heritage into our branding since a lot of what we love to cook and eat we grew up eating at our family's ranch, and the logo is a way to pay homage to our roots."

Manuel and his family have set sky-high goals for their business. They would love to see their product in more local shops, expand their online presence, and eventually grow into larger-scale markets like Whole Foods. Further down the road, they'd really like to open up a brick and mortar facility with additional menu options.

We at Cartel couldn't be more thrilled to share such delectable food with our customers. Working with the dedicated, passionate people of Mi Salsa has been the icing on the cake – or the salsa on the burrito, really.

"Our partnership with Cartel is exciting for so many reasons: for one, I grew up going to Cartel since I was a teenager it was a place that was a hang out spot for me and my friends," Manuel said. "It has always been my favorite coffee shop and holds a special place for me. To be able to participate in a partnership with Cartel was something we never expected and is something that makes us extremely grateful and happy. Being able to let our customers and clients have a place for them to get our food and salsa every day of the week at all the [Arizona] Cartel locations is something we are very proud of."

Check out Mi Salsa on Instagram: @misalsa_az

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