Behind the Scenes: Nami Partnership

Behind the Scenes: Nami Partnership

September 09, 2021
Brittany Viar

This summer, we launched a handful of new drinks to elevate our menu and reduce the woes that come with those sticky, scorching days. The Coconut Caramel Latte, otherwise known as the CCL, was and continues to be a beverage that really makes a splash. To craft the drink, we combine cold brew concentrate, coconut cream, and a locally sourced caramel and shake up the mixture to ensure the flavors amalgamate. The result is a smooth, craveable profile.

In inventing this drink, we had the privilege of working with Nami, a vegan sweet shop known for its fantastic grub, who provided us with their caramel to make this beverage something special. At Nami, they usually serve this signature caramel, made with vegan butter, organic sugar, and house-made vanilla, to customers in their coffee and even pair it with their soft serve ice cream (yum). We’re so excited to tell you more!

Damon Brasch, the owner of Nami, was inspired to open up an all-vegan joint years ago when he noticed the limited options out there for him and his fellow herbivores. Salads and lentil burgers just weren’t cutting it, so his goal was to create a place for people to enjoy all the foods they love, free of animal products. Today, Brasch owns Nami and Green, his other plant-based spot, serving comfort food to eager customers.

“As somebody who’s been in the restaurant business for many years and as a vegan myself, the thing I love most about what I do is not having to serve animal products,” said Brasch. “Second to that would have to be learning and growing with my amazing staff, hopefully giving them an opportunity to learn from my mistakes and successes too. I enjoy helping people reach their dreams and goals.”

On a typical day, Brasch likes to touch base with each of his locations and the staff multiple times. He adores his position and being a part of the collective at Nami/Green.

I think what makes Nami most unique is we do so much under one roof. We have an amazing breakfast and we can brunch; we have every coffee drink under the sun, our amazing house-made organic vegan ice cream, and of course the famous tsunami treats,” said Brasch. “Plus, our bakery cranks out some of the best vegan pastries in the valley; we make custom cakes and wedding cakes and do catering as well. If you can dream it up, we can probably make it for you.”

Veganism has developed a lot over the years – no offense, aforementioned salads and lentil burgers.

It’s a great thing to see our local vegan community expand and grow with so many new options. We’re stoked to be a part of this community,” Brasch said.

Look forward to more new and exciting things to come from the Nami-Cartel partnership! Hopefully your stomachs aren’t growling too loudly.