Bite features Cartel in editorial piece

Bite features Cartel in editorial piece "The New Grind"

July 20, 2015
Paul Haworth

We began as a small coffee shop and roastery on the corner of Ash Ave. in Tempe, AZ. Over these past seven years, we've grown to six stores statewide – four in Phoenix, two in Tucson. During that time, we've also witnessed the speciality coffee scene in Arizona grow and cultivate with us.

Needless to say, its been an exciting almost-decade for us and the community.

As Shelby Moore puts it:

All this to say there’s much more to come, I’m sure of it. While many coffee professionals who founded Phoenix’s scene have moved away, many remain to chronicle its roots. Eager new, young coffee professionals are being trained by the day. They’re excited about coffee here, more than ever, and you should be, too

Read the rest of Shelby's article in Bite magazine entitled "The New Grind, a feature on the ever-growing speciality-coffee scene in Arizona.