Cartel Takes Palm Springs

Cartel Takes Palm Springs

November 02, 2018
Paul Haworth

Big News

Cartel Coffee Lab is not just for Arizonans anymore. After 10 awesome years of serving the 48th state, it’s time for us to share the love with our neighbors. We made a connection with a hotel called Arrive, and we will be launching our first out of state cafe on their Palm Springs campus. We are super excited for many reasons. We love the history, the architecture, the southwest desert vibe, and especially the cool people who live and hang out in Palm Springs.

Just to clear up any questions you may have: this is an actual Cartel, this doesn’t mean we are done growing in Arizona, and yes the hotel is super cool and you should stay there. Also, the shop we are taking over was a cafe called Customs. It was owned and run by the hotel. They actually hired some pretty awesome baristas, so we will be keeping them on as Cartel employees. How cool is that? We basically just put them through the same paces as new hires and they all were thrilled to join the family.

Anyway, we have a grand opening planned for November 9th. There will be one of those fun ribbon cutting ceremonies at 10am and free coffee all day. If you live in or around Palm Springs or are going to be in the area for any reason, you better come say hello!


If you are new to the Cartel experience, welcome! We are big on coffee, yes. But really we are focused on curating meaningful experiences. We want our customers to connect with coffee in the way we do, learning the stories behind the coffees. We want everyone to understand what makes great coffees so great because that’s what we are always learning about. We source only single origin coffees and roast them in a way that allows their uniqueness to shine. Many of our coffees are from small, single-family farms. Many of them are farms we have visited as well.

We also want to encourage people to bring great coffees into their homes. It isn’t too hard to elevate the at-home experience. The first step is getting the best beans. After that, we can get into the details. There’s room for lots of ways to make good coffee yours.

We are big on community. Each location is a little different and we like it that way. We decided from the beginning to make quality our bottom line because things that are the best draw the best crowds. It hasn’t always been easy, but we have kept the vision alive through the years.


The original plan, back in 2008, wasn’t to focus on beverages but just be known as a roaster of the best coffees. People got curious and started gathering in the roastery to see what was happening. Our founders, Jason and Amy Silberschlag realized they needed to start building some furniture for these folks so they could hang out and talk about the coffee they were trying and the Cartel cafe model was born. A bunch of these people even became our first employees. That’s basically how it started.

Now we have seven locations and almost one hundred employees. And we are still a family business. We are also still sourcing and roasting the best coffees from all over the world on the same size roaster that we started with! Obviously, we are a bit more busy than we used to be.


Photo: Chris Miller, Imagine Imagery