Choosing the Drink That's Right for You

Choosing the Drink That's Right for You

September 10, 2015
Cartel Staff
Educational Series

Often times, walking up to the register can include a few different things. The menu can be overwhelming, especially when there seem to be endless options for different coffees and options. Keep a few things in mind when approaching the register, ask questions to find the drink that you are looking for.


First and foremost, our menu can accommodate both sides of this spectrum. Although coffee is naturally more bitter, it can be full of flavor; it might really surprise you. However, for some, it takes years to develop a coffee palate that always prefers coffee in a more simplified form. Our Simple Syrup is available on your side of the bar to sweeten your beverage while enhancing the natural flavor profiles. If you are looking for an espresso or milk-based beverage, we sweeten our lattes with vanilla or agave. A mocha or dirty chai is always on the table as well. If you are looking for a treat without the kick of energy, our chai latte is a sweet, spicy option.


If you are looking for something that trends toward showcasing the natural profile of our coffee, refer to our coffee menu. We have a rotating list of seasonal coffee that each exhibit different, unique flavor profiles. On our coffee menu, you will notice factors that include: origin, washing process, and tasting notes. Although these options are not literally flavored, the complexities shine through in different ways for different people. Our menu is designed to accommodate different palates depending on where it is on the menu. Typically, the first coffee listed will be the coffee you find on the Espresso Bar and as our daily drip. This coffee is sourced and chosen to be approachable by many palates. It is usually complex while balanced and straight forward. This coffee might be more familiar to a standard cup. As you reach the bottom of the list, our highest quality washed and natural coffees will cost a little more, however, the flavor profiles tend to be more complex and adventurous.


In addition to sourcing high quality coffee from around the world, we also carry high quality, Fine Chinese tea. Our tea comes from a small company in Tucson, 7 cups, that directly imports a wide variety of teas. We standardly serve them loose leaf and they can be re-steeped between 4 and 7 times, depending on the variety.


Even with a lot of options, it all comes down to your flavor preference or what you are looking for on a specific day. Whether you are searching to explore the potential of filter brewed coffee or you simply want something that you find wildly delicious, we have something for you.

This article was originally written by Drew Scharnitzke.