Cox 7 Features Our Green Buying Process

Cox 7 Features Our Green Buying Process

May 20, 2015
Cartel Staff

From day one, we’ve carefully selected the coffees we roast and sell, whether working with top-notch importers or directly with farmers. We specifically keep an eye out for unique coffees, whether they consist of an obscure variety or are processed in an unconventional way or are simply just extraordinarily delicious. 

Our green buyer visits a select few of the farms we work with each year in order to get a fuller picture of their practices and crops, as discussed in Cox 7's video feature of Cartel.

We talked about in detail our complete coffee buying and roasting process during our video segment, and how our processes extend to the front-lines at our six cafes throughout Arizona.

You can learn more about our process – from green coffee buying to roasting to brewing – on our Process page.