Humans of Cartel: Laney Parker

Humans of Cartel: Laney Parker

October 11, 2019
Ty Dahlstrom
Humans of Cartel

This is Laney. They were one of our first Cartelians in Austin, Texas. They're one of those people who just fit right in with us—Laney we're so glad you're here. Fun fact: they've got 10+ pets at home, including a 3.5ft lizard, two milk snakes, and a whole gaggle of feeding insects. They said their apartment almost looks like they're losing a game of Jumanji. 


What brought you to Cartel?

I’ve wanted to enter into the coffee world for a while now, but was waiting for the right shop to come along. When I heard that Cartel was hiring I thought it would be the perfect fit. Boy, was I right! 


What's your perspective on Cartel, your community, and the industry as a whole?

I love Cartel’s core focus “to curate meaningful experiences”. I have created and maintained so many friendships over something as simple as a good cup of coffee. One of my favorite parts about working in coffee is the ability to share the experiences I’ve gained with others. 


What is your favorite thing about your job?

I love how creative and outgoing our team is. No matter who is on shift, there’s always good tunes playing over the speakers and good vibes in the air. It makes coming to work that much nicer. 


What are your aspirations for the future?

I am currently working on a Bachelors in Wildlife Biology and want to take my skills into the National Park Service in the conservation field. 


What is your favorite beverage?

I’ve recently been loving our Retiro Pacamara on pourover, but my tried and true is always going to be cold brew! 


Visit Laney and the whole Cartel crew in East Austin—they're some of the nicest folks around. 


Photo Credit: Daniel "Fixe" Whitaker