Humans of Cartel: Steffi Faircloth

Humans of Cartel: Steffi Faircloth

August 02, 2019
Ty Dahlstrom
Humans of Cartel

This is Steffi. She's a recent graduate from the ASU School of Art Photography program, and she's really good at cornhole. She doesn't practice—it just kinda comes to her naturally. But, that's not the only reason that we're shining a light on her as one of our #HumansOfCartel this week. 


What brought you to Cartel?

I actually had a couple of friends and classmates who worked at Cartel beforehand and that’s pretty much where it started. I was very interested in working with a local business and woking in coffee, and happened to come upon a job opening at Sky Harbor!


What's your perspective on Cartel, your community, and the industry as a whole?

I was born and raised in a bordertown, where specialty coffee was not accessible to me until I moved to Phoenix. I was always interested in learning about coffee, but honestly didn't think I ever would just because of my geographic location. I am grateful for the opportunities I have had in Phoenix, and I like to think about what coffee means to different communities.


What is your favorite thing about your job?

My favorite thing about my job is suggesting something new to a customer that they have never tried such as a pastry or drink, and them loving it! It’s a good feeling, and I’m happy to see other’s happy.


What are your aspirations for the future?

I hope to somewhat sustain myself with art and just stay motivated out of school by continuing to make work and apply to exhibitions/grants/residencies.


What is your favorite beverage?

Oat milk chai, yum.


Next time you're flying through Sky Harbor International Airport, stop by and see Steffi and the rest of the crew in Terminal 4, Gate C12!



Photo credit: Jake Hines