Sharing Profits with Our Farmers on National Coffee Day

Sharing Profits with Our Farmers on National Coffee Day

September 25, 2017
Paul Haworth


Last year, Cartel decided to do something a little different than free coffee for customers on National Coffee Day. We thought it would be cool to reach out to the people on the other side of the coffee story. I started brainstorming ideas (and sending lots of emails) to see what that might look like.

One of my favorite newer relationships has been with Familia Gomez in Cauca, Colombia. They are humble coffee growers with an exceptional crop. And they live very simply. In many ways, I envy their simplicity. The last thing I wanted to do was send some kind of message that they needed to be more like me.



So, I asked our contact in Colombia, Pedro Echavarria, for some advice on how to give back to the Gomez family in a way that would be most beneficial and not come across as subtle colonialism. When I explained to him that we simply wanted it to be a sort of ‘profit sharing' using money made by their coffee, he agreed it would be a hit. I also asked him how much would be necessary for them to actually make a difference.

We realized we likely would need to change National Coffee Day to an entire week. We were able to hit the goal by simply setting aside $3 of the profit from every bag of their whole bean that we sold during that week.

Doña Isuara (the Gomez family matriarch) was in tears when I handed her the money and explained how we came up with it. She was thrilled to tell me she would be using it to upgrade her kitchen. Since this effort was such a success, we decided to do it again this year.

Please join us in this effort as we communicate the value our coffee producers bring to all of our daily lives.



The Familia Gomez is available for purchase here.


Isuara's kitchen before renovations. Image courtesy of Pedro Echavarria.


After renovations. Image courtesy of Pedro Echavarria.