What's With All the Black?

What's With All the Black?

July 18, 2019
Jeff Yang

Okay, I'll be candid here. Blends have always been difficult for us and I'm not referring to the act of mixing together coffees. Often times we see roasters mix together lower quality lots, roast them darker to cover the defects, and sell it to people who don't know better. We've had so many requests from people to do that for them and we turned them all down. We would honestly stand to make more money that way, but it wouldn't have been a product we could stand behind and be proud to say that it was roasted by Cartel.

A bag of Black Market Blend Forty-Eight whole bean coffee.

Last year, we challenged ourselves with the goal to create a blend that tastes better than any other while still holding it to the same high standards of sourcing, roasting, and curating our single-origin coffees that you're familiar with. Blend Forty-Eight is what came of all the hard work put in by our green buyer and production team; a concoction of Brazil and Colombia, it tastes like milk chocolate and subtle berries with a velvety finish. We honestly think you'll love it. Shop here.

But wait, there's more!

Blend Forty-Eight just happens to be one part of our new line of coffee goods called Black Market that's tailored to be approachable for chocolate-heavy palates and offer year-round consistency, all without compromising on our core values.

We put that same chocolate bomb in our Pour Over Kit, so you'll be able to brew Cartel anywhere you go—camping, road tripping, flying, or any other coffee emergencies. It's perfectly ground and packed in a ready-to-brew filter. No grinder or brewer needed. You literally just add water. The best part is that it's actual coffee being brewed—none of that weird instant stuff that never tastes like what it's supposed to.

 Brewing Black Market Pour Over Kit at Papago Park.

But Jeff, isn't it sacrilegious to pre-grind coffee? We always recommend that you grind your coffee just before brewing, but there are instances where that just isn't an option. To combat the aroma loss that happens after grinding, we seal each kit in nitrogen, an inert gas that makes up about 78% of our atmosphere. That air that you're breathing? Yep, mostly nitrogen. NASA uses a more pure form of nitrogen to store moon rocks, so uhh... I guess you could say our Pour Over Kits use technology developed for space exploration. Shop here.

Getting the last drop of Black Market Cold Brew.

Yeah, I know it's a long read, but I'm not finished yet. When I think of drinking coffee in a desert, I think of cold brew. We've been making that stuff for the past 11 years and we've gotten pretty good at it. For the first time, you can get the same cold brew in a grab & go can. These are available only in Arizona for now. Find a location.

TL;DR – Cartel has a blend now that doesn't compromise on quality and you can get it in whole bean or a ready-to-brew Pour Over Kit that's way cool. The cold brew you've been sipping for the last 11 years is now available in a can. All these fall under a new line called Black Market, that's made with approachability and consistency in mind.