Our Vision

Our north star is to make good

At Cartel Roasting Co, our north star is to make good. To start, we make good coffee. Really good coffee. Our beans are carefully sourced from farmer relationships that we’ve been cultivating for years. We roast to highlight the natural, local flavor of the coffee. We love our craft - our science - and we love to share it with you.

We also want you to make good

But we also want you to make good. We want humans to enjoy our coffee while they are doing the things closest to their souls. Our coffee is not roasted for a quick, easy caffeine fix. We hope our coffee pulls you into the gravity of it, like a black hole, and sends you spinning into your life dreams.

The world is made good...

We hope you make good on the promises you’ve made to yourself, and to others. The world is made good when brave humans step out in courage. Would you join us in making good?

Who are we?

Cartel Roasting Co is a group of people who strive to make good. We’re coffee nerds who dive deep into the science of it. From green coffee sourcing, to roasting temperature, to brew method, we analyze and overanalyze all of it.

We do this because we’ve seen the magnetic gravity of a good cup of coffee. We’ve seen what swirls around it. The art it spins out into the world. The new books, the groundbreaking thesis paper. The new relationship. The more love and science, and perhaps obsession, we put into each cup, the stronger this gravity. And the more good is made in the world.

So, yes, we’re coffee nerds. You got us. But the things that truly fascinates us, the things that keeps us improving, are the things that swirl around that quiet, round, still cup of steaming gravity. Your things. Your dreams. Your hopes. Your promises to make good.

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