Home Setup

Grind size cannot be overlooked when pursuing successful home-brewing. Cartel recommends burr grinding for at-home consistency.

Burrs are metal or ceramic pieces that come in sets of two. Most common to home applications are 'conical' burrs, where one is cone shaped and the other is ring shaped. When placed together, coffee is ground by the compression of the burrs rather that the chopping action of a blade. Burrs are trusted to create a more consistent and even grind size while blade grinders tend to create a wide range of particle sizes that all extract at different rates.

Grinding coffee within 15 minutes of brewing is recommended.  However, if access to a high-quality conical burr grinder at home is not possible, most specialty coffee shops have excellent industrial grinders that will be better than grinding with a blade grinder. Always use pre-ground coffee within a week.