Ethiopia Guji Buku

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PRODUCER Esayas Beriso
REGION Buku, Oromia, Ethiopia
ALTITUDE 2000–2350 meters
WE TASTE Jasmine, black cherry, and caramel
PACKAGE 12 oz, 2 lb, or 5 lb whole bean

Located within the well-known Guji producing region in the Buku District of Hambela Wamena, this farm is owned and run by Esayas Beriso. With some of the highest elevations in Ethiopia, Buku provides the ideal climate for slow-ripening coffee of utmost quality. Reaching staggering elevations of 2,350 masl, this farm has dispersed coffee throughout the mountainous region. Horses are utilized to pick and move the coffee to navigate the hilly topography of the area. Esayas has been working with SNAP Specialty Coffee exporters in the region since 2019 and is utilized as a model farmer for other coffee producers.

Producers in Buku will grow cabbages and lettuce in addition to teff with their coffee to diversify income, whilst also providing nutrients to the soil and growing food for the household. In this region, the landscape can prove to create difficulties for producers due to the steep slopes and rough terrain. With a lack of infrastructure and roads – it can be difficult for workers to walk and ride horses through the crops. However, roads are currently being constructed to connect the coffee farms to nearby villages.

Producers in Ethiopia are considered ‘passive organic,’ due to their naturally organic practices and inability to afford the certification fees. This is because producers rely on natural methods such as humus fertilizer, or decomposed organic material fed into the soil, rather than expensive inputs. As the humus becomes incorporated into the soil, it provides more support for retaining water and other nutrients; thus, acting as a natural fertilizer.