Halo Berti

$25.00 - $130.00



Please allow 24 - 48 hours for fulfillment!
PRODUCER Halo Fafate
REGION Gedio Zone, SSNPR, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
VARIETY Local Landraces
ALTITUDE 1950 - 2300 meters
Bright, delicate, & clean
PACKAGE 12 oz, 2 lb, or 5 lb whole bean

Grown in the Yirgacheffe coffee producing region, this coffee is produced by a collection of smallholders who bring their cherries to the Halo Berti Washing Station. Coffee is a family crop grown by households within small gardens in this area.

Producers line their homes with coffee trees, and it is the primary source of income. It is common for producers to intercrop enset, the Ethiopian banana, with the coffee as a food source. The washing station regularly monitors the progress of each of the contributing members, to ensure quality is maintained via good agricultural practices. Producers are normally what is known as ‘passive organic,’ meaning that they have 100% organic practices but cannot afford the expensive certification fees. Agronomic practices are traditional and do not rely on chemicals.