Silvia Indigenous Regional

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PRODUCER Cauca Silvia
REGION Cauca, Colombia
VARIETY Castillo
ALTITUDE 1800–2350 meters
Apricot, caramel, clove
PACKAGE 12 oz, 2 lb, or 5 lb whole bean

Within Cauca, one of the famous coffee-producing regions in Colombia, there remains a collection of unique indigenous tribes that still produce coffee with much culture and tradition. One such group are the Misak people, or Children of Water, the producers of this lot. These people have a unique connection to Mother Earth and are considered guardians of its resources. The territory they call home is called Guambia, situated at the foothills of the Central Cordillera right in the backbone of Colombia within the Andes. 

Thanks to the towering peaks and volcanoes – this region has a plentiful source of water in addition to ideal microclimates for the slow development of coffee. Cauca is known for its rich volcanic soils and prime weather conditions for coffee production. Additionally, Cauca has been able to preserve its indigenous culture and tradition with respected tribes and communities still working to produce high quality coffee.