ChaCha Kyusu "Maru" Tea Bundle


Seven Cups Fine Chinese Teas (50 grams)

Please allow 24-48 hours for fulfillment


Get one of Hario’s best-selling tea makers paired with tea from one of the best-tasting tea companies in the southwest.

The bundle comes with the ChaCha Kyusu “Maru” and your choice of a 50-gram bag of popular teas in our shops, the Buddha’s Eyebrow or the Dianhong Gongfu.

ChaCha Kyusu “Maru”: This teapot has a modern look and features our signature heatproof glass. The large metal strainer is spacious and allows the leaves to expand and extract easily. This pot comes in 3 sizes.

Buddha’s Eyebrow: A fresh and grassy green tea with a rich flavor without bitterness. Harvested in late spring at the highest grade international commercial standard. A highly affordable organic green tea with bold flavor.

Dianhong Gongfu: A popular black tea with the characteristic Yunnan full flavor and long floral finish. Brews bright red and is strong enough to take milk or sugar, but nuanced enough to be appreciated on its own. Large leaves are left whole instead of chopped, good for brewing hot or cold. “Gongfu” refers to being made with skill and effort.

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