Hario Electro Solo & Duo


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Introducing the Hario Electro Solo and the Electro Duo, the ultimate tool for grinding quality coffee on the go!

Indulge in delicious and consistent coffee every time with the innovative Smart G black portable electric mill stick attachment! Designed to take your coffee game to the next level, this handy tool guarantees quality and satisfaction with every cup. Teamed with a Hario hand mill, the mill stick attachment helps you grind coffee beans faster and more evenly.
Our electric mill stick fits Hario coffee mills MSS and MSG, with a custom holder included! With a powerful motor, it can grind the hardest coffee beans with ease – a must-have accessory for busy baristas!

Thanks to its compact size and carrying pouch, this electric mill stick is perfect for storing while traveling.

Plus, with its rechargeable lithium-ion battery, you can be sure it will last throughout the day. The one on/off switch makes it simple to use, so you can provide your customers with a deliciously brewed coffee in no time. The Hario EMS-1B has overall dimensions of 1 7/16″ in width and 7 1/16″ in height. Please note that due to US DOT shipping regulations, we cannot ship this product to Alaska, Hawaii, or international destinations. Got questions on expedited shipping? Contact us before ordering! Experience the ease and convenience of the Hario electric mill stick attachment, and take your coffee game to the next level! Links: Hario USA Electric Solo Electro Solo Review by Prima Coffee Equipment

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