Hario V60 “Pro” Pour Over Coffee Set


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The V60 “Pro” Pour Over Coffee Set is the perfect way to kickstart your coffee journey. This set includes everything you need to brew a delicious and aromatic cup of coffee at home, just like a professional barista. The kit includes a V60 ceramic dripper, a carafe, 100 filters, and a scoop. The V60 dripper’s unique design allows for precise control of the brewing process, ensuring a consistent and flavorful cup every time. The ceramic material also retains heat, keeping your coffee hot and ready to enjoy. The carafe is made of high-quality glass and has a capacity of 600ml, perfect for serving multiple cups of coffee. The filters are made of paper and are chlorine-free, ensuring that your coffee’s natural flavors and aromas aren’t affected. The scoop is a must-have tool for measuring out the perfect amount of coffee grounds. With this kit, you can enjoy a full and rich coffee experience from the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast or just starting out, the V60 “Pro” Pour Over Coffee Set is a great investment in your coffee journey. Order now and taste the difference for yourself! This Ceramic Set has all the essentials! Includes the following items: V60 Ceramic Coffee Dripper 02 White V60 02 XGS Coffee Server with lid 100 Count V60 Paper Filters Plastic Coffee Scoop Item Number: XGSD-02W-EX Size: W140×D121×H210mm Capacity: 600ml Material Glass Server: Heatproof Glass Dripper: Porcelain Made in Japan

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