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Brittany Viar


Why Cartel Roasting Co.? 

When we opened our little coffee lab,14 years ago; we had no idea we would grow so much, as a company, a brand, and as a community. Today, calling ourselves a single lab, doesn’t capture the amount of energy and passion behind every roaster, green buyer, barista, cold brewer, director, baker, bakery lead, store lead, supervisor, digital marketer, warehouse manager, logistics associate, people & culture manager, & employee resource manager. We are a collective whole and Roasting Co. helps us honor & celebrate the diverse group of people who work hard to make a simple cup of coffee into a meaningful and unique experience.

 At Cartel Roasting Co. we envision a world where everyone is equal; where community and business meet for good, and provide safe space for individuality and human connection. A world ripe with opportunities for collective contribution toward healthy change in our communities. We believe that our commitment to ethical, sustainable, high-quality sourcing with a strong focus on the employee experience is what makes us stand out.

Where does our name come from?

The name Cartel comes (quite literally) from the dictionary definition: 

car·tel /kärˈtel/  (noun)

“A community of individuals working together towards a common goal.” 

This definition says a lot about our values: we rely on a diverse group of people to help us make a simple cup of coffee into a meaningful and unique experience. The idea of fostering a community has long been a theme throughout Cartel’s history. In the beginning, Cartel relied heavily on friends and family to help us grow. Amy and Jason have always believed that as people, our decisions and behaviors impact those around us. Meaning, we have the opportunity to show up each day and authentically connect with our coworkers and customers, in a way that puts good into the world. From the get-go, we understood that it takes a combination of individualism and collectivism to thrive in the desert. As desert dwellers, we see this everyday in native plant life – an individual succulent can survive on its own, but thrives best in close clusters with other succulents.

 We believe that one person’s experience and contribution can make a positive difference in someone’s day. Through a commitment to excellence, conscientious behavior, self-reflection, and deliberate action, each of us has the opportunity to better the world that surrounds us. That’s the value of individualism, in service of the community.

We want to hear your voice. 

We value our community tremendously, and if you’re here reading this, you’re a part of that equation. If you have feedback for us, or even just want a deeper conversation regarding anything mentioned here, reach out to hello@cartelcoffeelab.com – we’d love to hear from you!



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