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Thrive AZ is a non-profit organization offering resources to at-risk families to empower them to flourish. Since opening their doors in 2016, this incredible organization continues to work toward bettering the lives of numerous Arizona families in any way they can. Now through Sept. 30, when you buy a bag of the Give Back Blend, a portion of proceeds go directly toward their organization.

When founder Teri Vogel advocated for a young woman with seven children (and pregnant with her eighth) in the foster care system, the idea for Thrive AZ was born.

“Because she already had children in the foster care system she knew her child would be removed from the hospital,” said Event and Volunteer Coordinator Lindsey Dunn. “She asked Teri and her husband if they would take her child until she could complete all the things required for her to get her children back. As Teri walked through that process with her, she realized that although there were a lot of resources available for foster families, there weren’t for biological families. Teri decided to start Thrive AZ to come alongside those at risk families to assist in the prevention or reunification process.”

A Day in the Life at Thrive AZ

The organization operates on two fronts: foster care prevention & reunification and aged-out youth housing. Monthly, they serves 100+ children and families on their journey to stability. This program provides housing for 43 young adults who’ve aged out of foster care. They also offer a secure space, counseling services, and job & life skills training.

A Focus on Prevention and Preparation

At its core, Thrive AZ prioritizes preventing at-risk families from losing their kids to foster care due to poverty and providing assistance for those transitioning out of foster care. Positive change in the community is their north star.

“We have developed a tremendous reputation for serving families,” Dunn said. “We have been able to help keep over 9,000 kids out of foster care.”

Thrive AZ and Thrift to Thrive

“Thrift to Thrive” is Thrive AZ’s thrift shop, which further bolsters the organization’s goals. When customers shop here, all proceeds benefit the “Safe Sleep” program that supplies beds to kids and youth in need.

“Thrift to Thrive, with its two locations including a coffee shop, has grown out of the need for sustainable income sources to fund Thrive AZ’s impactful work,” Dunn said. “Donations are transformed into funds that directly support the organization’s initiatives, creating a cycle of positive change.”

Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteers are vital to the organization’s mission.

“As the volunteer/event coordinator, I have the privilege of witnessing the impact firsthand,” Dunn said. “Seeing the joy on children’s faces when they receive gifts during the holiday season or the volunteers’ tears of fulfillment as they serve these families is incredibly rewarding. It’s a testament to the power of compassion and community coming together.”There are a variety of ways you can volunteer for Thrive AZ. From large events to daily tasks, the opportunities to assist are endless. Learn more about how you can get involved here.

Thrive AZ is a beacon of hope for building a brighter future. If you’re passionate about this organization, you can purchase a bag of the Give Back Blend here.



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